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FAQ | Turkish Translation

What is Translation vs Interpretation?

Translators write,interpreters speak.
If you are working with written documents—a user manual for your Arabics customers, billboards for a sales campaign in Bulgaria, reports filed in Turkey by your new subsidiary in Istanbul that you must read and understand—you need a translator.

If you want to interact with people in a foreign language on the spot—a lab tour with French visitors, a board meeting in Japan, a parent-teacher conference with a family recently arrived from Egypt —you need an interpreter.

What do the abbreviations g11n, i18n and L10n mean?

These are the common abbreviations for globalization (g11n), internationalization (i18n) and localization (L10n). The numbers represent a count of the letters between the first and last letters in the term. "Internationalization," for example, has eighteen letters between the "i" and "n." While awkward, they certainly are faster to type.


We have a manual that I need Translated into 4 languages, how do I do that?

Semantik Language Services can take your manual with graphics, drawings and screenshots and re-create it for you. We would like all information and content given to us in the original source it is created in. Our team can work in any platform and software.

What is TM?

TM - Translation Memory is a memory based text resource we utilize to help maintain your consistent message, reduce cost and turn-around time, increase accuracy.


What is PDF?

PDF is an abbreviation for "Portable Document Format." PDF allows you to view documents in any language even if you do not have the fonts for that language. To view or print a PDF file, you'll need the free Acrobat® Reader. For more information please see the Adobe web site.


My administrative assistant speaks Arabic. Can he translate my sales brochure?

He might be able to handle the job well, but in our experience, there are many language and competency issues at work here. Generally speaking, knowing one language doesn't make someone a writer any more than knowing two languages makes someone a translator.
If you have just received a fax from Egypt, your assistant could probably do a great job of providing you with a summary translation. This same person would likely be a poor choice to recreate your company's brochure in Arabic.

Can Semantik Language Services handle industry-specific technical translations?

Absolutely. We translate technical manuals, schematics, patents, material safety data sheets and other documents from many technical fields. Semantik Language Services's technical translation specialists are degreed professionals in their industries.
Even the best technical dictionaries are a few years behind the current technology. Good technical translators maintain their own collection of industry-specific magazines and news clippings to keep up with new terminology. As technical specialists, we maintain a library of materials to support our translators and clients.


What is Transcreation?

Our expert linguist takes your concept and idea and translate them to mirror the message your branding created. Sometimes languages do not have defined terms for what you wish to convey. An example, there are no basements in China. Our transcreation team will develop the best message to relay your concept.


How do you know that a translator is good?

First and foremost, good translators have a solid command of grammar and syntax in both the source and target languages. Good translators only translate materials into their native language (very few people are gifted enough to handle bi-directional projects). Good translators have a knack for balancing the content of the source document with the cultural and language-specific norms of the target language, and have the experience to know when to favor one concern over the other. Good translators keep their language skills current by reading newspapers, magazines, and professional journals from their native country that set the norms for current usage.

Translation requires a tremendous amount of care and attention to detail. Many people assume that fluency in a given language is sufficient to qualify them as a translator, but that is not the case.

Good translations read as if they were authored in the target language. Anything less is generally a sign that the translator has missed the mark.


What is DTP?

DTP, or desktop publishing refers to the arrangement and layout of your project. Once the text is translated, Turkish Translation can design and arrange your piece to have the look and feel of the original, or create a new or refreshed professional appearance altogether.


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